Wulfe Bros. Fairs and Festivals:

The Wulfe Bros. are a high-energy band that understands what the audience is looking for. If one word were needed to describe them, it would be... ENTERTAINERS!

Each performance captures the attention of everyone from 3 to 93. The Wulfe Bros. have created family-in-mind shows that incorporate their terrific vocal harmonies and versatile musical skills with a large dose of fascinating facts, a touch of history and lots of fun. Each show will entertain, educate and thoroughly delight everyone in the audience.

Variety is essential in satisfying the diverse interests of your audiences. The Wulfe Bros. are professional musicians with many years of experience. Their shows include a patriotic presentation paying tribute to our armed forces from the American Revolution to the Persian Gulf; a wild and wooly Western show that guarantees to take you back to those thrilling days of yesteryear and a rollicking rock 'n' roll history lesson. Regardless of which show, the audience will be totally engrossed in their presentation. Their close harmonies, full sound and zany antics make each performance a hit for the entire audience.

Regardless of the festival, fair or event, The Wulfe Bros. are professionals that will work with you and your event to customize their performances. Sponsorships are understood and The Wulfe Bros. will take every opportunity within their show to make the sponsors happy. They are musical chameleons, ever-changing to meet your needs. Their years of experience have developed into an uncanny ability to read the audience and immediately respond with the perfect lively, musical entertainment.

As audiences are drawn into each presentation, they take a musical journey that will leave them happy, satisfied, emotionally moved, captivated and above all-COMPLETELY ENTERTAINED!


For more information or booking call: (502) 267-8204