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It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce that the sweet sound of The Wulfe Bros. was silenced yesterday with the death of Paul Cunningham, our founding member and leader for 53 years.  The internet is already filled with memories and tributes from musicians and those of us who called him friend.

The Wulfe Bros. band wants to take this opportunity to thank you, our loyal fans, for taking this musical journey with us.  You’ve been there through it all reminding us of the impact of music and the bonding of friends, many of whom have become our musical family.

The remaining members, both those who were current and those who have moved on to other bands,  hope our paths cross in the future.  And, if they do, please come up and share a Wulfe Bros. memory and let’s keep the music alive.



To all the loyal fans, followers and associates of the Wulfe Bros., we wanted to take this opportunity to send a warm “hello”, and to provide a few updates to you as well.  Let’s start with 3 simple truths. 

Simple truth number one: Despite the fact that we haven’t seen each other in person in quite a while, we want to let everyone know that the Wulfe Bros. - Paul, Rodney and Jeffrey - are alive and well and staying safe at home, like many of you. We’ve each taken this opportunity to spend more time with our families, to keep our music skills fresh, and in some cases to fine tune our culinary skills or even to clean out that hallway closet, now that we've had some extra time. I hope all of you are hanging in there, too. 

Simple truth number two: This time we’re living in has been described in many ways - challenging, unpredictable, even historic. It certainly is living up to all those. But one thing’s for certain. We’ve learned a lot about each other and figured out which things in life are most important. Things we used to take for granted, like visiting a friend, going to a show or having dinner at a local restaurant, have become much more dear to us. We’ll all be glad when we’re able to return to those precious activities.

Which brings us to simple truth number three: The Wulfe Bros. just wouldn’t be where we are today if not for YOU! For the last fifty years, you’ve seen us through many good times, and perhaps a few not so good. We are so grateful for each of you, and we want you to know that we can’t wait to get back to what has always been our passion and our love: to bring people together through music. In fact, there’s only one thing more important - and that's the safety and well-being of all of us and those who matter most - our fans and families. While we’re as anxious as you are to get together, the Wulfe Bros. are committed to doing that only when it’s safe. Know that we’ll be following the situation closely and as soon as the coast is clear you can bet we’ll be ready to party. And what a party it’s going to be!

Stay safe and we’ll see you soon.
The Wulfe Brothers


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